Product Name : WR-1105High speed auto oiler single needle zigzag machine WR-1105(2points)/1125(3points)/1135(4points)
Product Description
  • New mechanism of pendulous needle with fast sewing speed, 2800 spm motor, 50mm pulley,1.5times higher efficiency.
  • Fully automatic lubrication assures less friction on machine parts; which increases the life of the machine, and lowers the fee for repairing.
  • The lower shaft transfers the movement to the axle of the rotary shuttle.
  • Double the size of a large bobbin reduces the frequency of changing the bobbin thread; and which also rises up sewing efficiency.
  • The full-opening head’s cover is good for easy machinery maintenance and repairing.
  • Zigzagging stitches with 3 or 4 points strengthens the stability of stitching rows.
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1105-N 1125-N 1135-N
Max.sewing speed
2000 2000 2000
DP*5 DP*5 DP*5
Max. Stitch Length
6.0mm 3.0mm 2.0mm
Automatic trimming
  • Usage: Suitable for : diving suits, aerobic clothing, artificial leather bags, shoes, etc.