Product Name : WR-982MDouble Needle Roller Feed Postbed Sewing Machine WITH WHEEL FEED, NEEDLE FEED & DRIVEN
Product Description
  • The new needle clamp (has the application patent), let sewn are stably. Several leathers are sewn together & ensure less discrepancy in stitching.
  • Automatic power failure design obtains safety of servicemen in maintained.
  • The headstock of machine by special designed, it can be installed parallel of banked of both function, which is no need to purchase the inrun.
  • Large hook available, can reduce the times to change the bobbin and increase the quantities and efficiency on sewing.
  • Max. Sewing Speed: 2,500 S.P.M

    Max. Stitch Length: 4.0mm

    Needle System: DPX5

Ideal for boots sports shoes, work shoes, leisure shoes. foam rubber sole pads.